Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Lady Gaga Smokes a Joint In Front of Dutch Fans - KOvideo (blog)

When given a joint, the international sensation didn't hesitate to light up on stage. Lady Gaga Smokes a Joint In Front of Dutch Fans

Lady Gaga definitely doesn’t shy away from controversy which she took to a whole new level this week.  During a performance this past Monday in Amsterdam, the current Queen of Pop grabbed a joint, took it onstage, lit up and smoked the marijuana in front of her legions of adoring Dutch fans.

She started by going through a pack of cigarettes before chucking them because there wasn’t any pot in them but then a helpful fan tossed her up a joint and she lit it up immediately, just to “check if it was real.”

Gaga fans shouldn’t be shocked at all by this turn of events.  The singer has been very vocal about supporting the legalization of marijuana, a substance that she feels provides her with a spiritual experience which, in turn, helps her be more creative with her music.  While she has admitted to trying harder drugs, she continues to be very fond of cannabis.

The star emphasized, though, that she wasn’t high for the rest of her performance.  She took three hits, threw the joint into the crowd and, just before launching into “Bad Romance” said: "For those of you who are wondering if I'm high right now, I'm not. That is not nearly enough to get me high."

Naturally, she is being scrutinized for her actions which, some say, give the wrong message to younger fans.

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